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our financial services for Businesses


The death of a breadwinner can be devastating for those who are left behind and a high expectation of financial support from you the employer. Group Life products seek to provide financial security at such times. Insurance cover may take different forms depending on the requirements of the group.

Occupational disability can wipe out all company profits, Employees who are occupationally disabled for a short or long period due to illness or injury. Hospital and maternity cover can be linked to Income Protection as these situations also impact on income generation for a short or long period due to illness or injury. Hospital and maternity cover can be linked to income protection as these situations also impact on income generation.


“Only 6 per cent of South Africans will be able to maintain their standard of living after retirement”. You can change this as an employer and retain your loyal employees.

By investing some of their salary each month in a Pension or Provident fund, your employees can access a wide range of investment choices. With the help of a Gundo Wealth financial planner, they can combine investments in a tax-efficient way to grow their savings.

Business Capital Growth

Through our wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in corporate finance, investment management and broader financial services. Over the years we have managed large transactions for clients and significantly grown our funds under management.

Short term Investments

Gundo Wealth Solutions is authorized to invest in short term deposits with favorable interest rates through major banks. Depending on your liquidity needs we invest in call accounts, money markets, corporate saver, notice deposits and fixed term deposits investments.

We are authorized to invest in collective investment schemes which offer higher returns than cash assets such as Unit trusts and flexible investment plans.

Long term Investments

We build long term wealth for our clients by use of different investment vehicle depending on your company’s needs. We use guaranteed investment plans, sinking funds, fixed bonds, multi access investment plans as well as second hand investment policies.

“Secrets of success”

It doesn’t matter how hard you work or how much you are planning to do for your business, you have no control over sickness or death. But you can still have peace of mind that your business won’t suffer if any of these things happen. When things go wrong, having the right business insurance can help.

Death of key personnel

Key Person Insurance protects the future of your business:

A key person’s death or disability can have a significant impact on your business, including its profitability, sustainability and capital value. To protect your business from these risks, the business can take out a key man insurance policy on the key person’s life to cover extra costs and losses. This means your business can have financial security and certainty irrespective of what happens to someone who plays a key role in your business.

Death of business partner

Buy and sell agreement and insurance:

Should one of your business partners pass away or become disabled, it does not mean that your business’s future should be at stake. By agreeing that the surviving partners or shareholders will buy the interest of the deceased or disabled partner, you can ensure continuity of the business. According to the buy and sell agreement, each shareholder takes out a life policy on the other’s life, which funds the purchase of their interest when the time comes.

Personal debt for the business

Business contingent liability cover.

Most Businesses are started by personal loans where business owners are responsible for repaying these loans in their personal capacity, your business and family may be at risk if something happens to you before the loan is paid back. Contingent liability insurance ensures the loan amount is paid in full, protecting your family and business from the pressure of having to repay this.

Business protection from unnecessary disruptions is a way of success.

Protect your business assets whether it’s electronic equipment, stock, furniture or vehicles, these assets play an important role in the day-to-day functioning of your business. If you need to replace any of these assets, disruption to your business if any should be minimal. The right insurance can ensure that these are replaced as quickly as possible so that daily operations can continue.


We assist with the design and implementation of cost-to-company, total package, guaranteed package or other remuneration structures.


Legal PAYE structuring:

We will help you to adopt a cost to company approach to salary structuring in a good way of ensuring that you legally structure employee packages.

Tax Compliance Service

Our Compliance team assists clients – both corporate and individual – to complete and submit their tax returns.

We can:

  • Prepare and submit your returns for you;
  • Second experts into your organisation to assist you to complete all your returns;
  • Review your return – from a quality and technical perspective – once you’ve completed it, prior to submission; and
  • Apply for tax clearance certificates on your behalf.

Our compliance team can help you avoid unexpected liabilities and unnecessary costs when it comes to Value-Added Tax (VAT).Our services include:

  • VAT consulting
  • VAT reviews
  • VAT compliance

Bookkeeping and financial accounting

Our team can support you in bookkeeping, payroll calculations and accountancy and tax-reporting obligations. Our teams can also handle management accounting and accounting-related processes.

Company registrations

Our team can help you with the following CIPC Service:

  • Register a Pty Company
  • Annual Returns
  • Amendments Company or CC
  • Payment Plan Pty’s
  • Other Entities and CIPC Services
  • BEE certificate