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our financial services for Businesses

Through our wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in corporate finance, investment management and broader financial services. Over the years we have managed large transactions for clients and significantly grown our funds under management. Our team of financial planners is equipped to set up Sinking funds.

What is a sinking fund?

A sinking fund is an investment vehicle set-up by an entity e.g. Municipalities, State Owned Enterprises to redeem or purchase its bonds prior to maturity. By having a sinking fund, the entity can reduce its debt load over time, avoiding the need to finance a large lump sum when the bond reaches maturity, in addition a sinking fund can be linked to long-term projects and building of reserves the entity.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise in local and global surety market will ensure that we offer you tailor made and world-class Bond facilities:


What is a Municipal bond?

Municipal bonds are debt obligations issued by government entities to members of the public to generate income to meet capital expenditure. The issuer of the bond guarantees to pay interest (coupons) at set periods and to repay the principal debt on a specified date.

We empower the Finance teams to make informed decisions when it comes to investing money on investment vehicles and providing Management with economic outlook on interest rates.

Deposits / Cash Management

We are an authorized financial services provider registered with the FSB and fully empowered and licensed under the category of deposits defined in the Banks Act.

Thus our intermediary service includes assisting and ensuring that the entities receive the highest possible investment rate from the financial institutions.